X-ray investigation of melt flow behavior under. melt flow behavior under magnetic stirring regime. with electromagnetic stirring—A study of.

X-ray investigation of melt flow behavior under magnetic

Patent US6026113 - Method for the electromagnetic stirring

Discussion about the Electromagnetic Stirring Head in Twin-wire Submerged Arc Welding. Wei Xu 2. 1, 2, 3, Jun Cao. 4. 4, Wenbin Ding, Cuihua Zhao. 2, Wei Liu.

Continuous Casting: The Application of Electromagnetic

Xu (and others) published: Discussion about the electromagnetic stirring head in twin-wire submerged arc welding.

Discussion About the Electromagnetic Stirring Head In Twin-wire Submerged Arc Welding.

The Effects of a Submerged Entry Nozzle on Flow and

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Application of New Generation Electromagnetic Stirring in Electric Arc Furnace. Authors. Lidong Teng, Corresponding author.Method for the electromagnetic stirring of the liquid metal (14) in direct current electric arc furnaces which include a hearth (35) defined by a floor (13) and by.

Guo (and others) published: Effects of electromagnetic stirring on the low temperature toughness of pipe-line steel saw deposited metals.A discussion of the stability of...

ZnO/LSMO Nanocomposites for Energy Harvesting


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